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Increase the Stability of Your Website without Increasing Your Maintenance Costs! There comes a point at which adding another server to your network is a bigger hassle than it’s worth. Consider the extra wiring, power, DNS changes, software updates, extra maintenance, maybe a network crash or two … You need the extra hosting power for your website, but adding it is a problem you don’t have time to deal with.
The guys at Faster Planet are simply the best! Not only did they...
Anne Wagner, Controller
AIC Investments

The answer? Colocate it.

Faster Planet Colocation Hosting hosts your server in our DataCenter. We host your existing server, or assist you in purchasing and building a new server. You can manage the server as much or as little as you want. We handle making sure your connections are fast and secure.

No extra wires. By colocating your hosted server with Faster Planet, you’ll have no additional space or maintenance costs at your facility.

Guaranteed security. Your server’s safe in our secure, air-conditioned and firewalled DataCenter.

Emergency backup. Your colocated server stays in one place. If your company moves, or if a disaster strikes, the colocated server is still available. Have your website and company records backed up to it for emergency access.

Managed support. Regular monitoring and maintenance keeps servers at their best performance. It takes time to make security updates, check for hackers, and keep an eye on uptime. Let Faster Planet take care of everything with our Managed support.

Colocating a server with Faster Planet allows you to add the hosting power needed for growing websites and businesses. Call Faster Planet at 866-55-FASTER to see if a colocated server is the right option for your business.