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Office Relocation

Thinking of trying it alone? Moving a company is a very complex task. Imagine how much difficulty and aggravation moving into a new home caused! You can easily quadruple that trauma if your upcoming relocation in inadequately prepared for.
Just thinking about relocating your business can give goose bumps to many. Let's face it no one likes an unpleasant change. And if that change potentially means the disruption of your already hectic schedule, things can get really hot. This is where Faster Planet comes in to help you plan a move with success:
The guys at Faster Planet are simply the best! Not only did they...
Anne Wagner, Controller
AIC Investments

  1. We Assess Your Budget. A proper budget layout is the first step towards an intelligent relocation. Imagine a prior knowledge of the costs involved in office relocation! It can really smoothen the affairs that otherwise, looked formidable.

  2. We Make A Master Checklist. Preparing a master checklist that reflects all the major and minor aspects of relocation are key to a successful move.

  3. We Help You Layout Your Office with Technology In Mind. The technology your business uses can affect the size, layout and location of cubicles, and offices. For instance, modular furniture demands pre-networking of the systems. Your move will go smoother by considering both the furniture and technology beforehand.

  4. We Plan the Location of Equipment. Computers, printers, fax, telephones all need proper jack and power connections planned ahead of time. We make sure it is done right!

  5. Replacement, Upgradation and Maintenance will be considered - Electronic equipment, especially the paraphernalia relating to computers and telephone systems, gets outdated pretty fast. A quick analysis of your technology is a great idea prior to moving. Replace the worn out and economically unfeasible equipment, and upgrade and repair the equipment needing attention.

  6. Coordination With Movers, Phone and Internet Providers - If the new location is an under-construction site, we plan the wiring schedule well in advance. Prior information to the wiring-installer about the location of servers and clients makes the job of relocation hassle-free. Movers are updated of schedule requirements and plans.

  7. We Plan Your Server Room. We ensure your business has the minimum requirements for the server room, including room dimensions, electrical requirements (30 amp dedicated circuit), floor coverings, HVAC with alarm.

  8. Testing Your Mission Critical Systems - Networks, phone drops, power outlets, back-up batteries are all checked to be sure they are working properly.

  9. Phone Systems Configured or Upgraded as Needed. We make sure your communication systems are ready to go!

  10. Back Up! We backup of all the important data on your computers and servers BEFORE your move.

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